The Little Ones Get Older by Elaine Tellez Garita

Love can be tough out on the moors.
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    gail (Monday, 30 July 2012 14:32)

    wow, pretty powerful, wasn't expecting that! little bit sissy and martin, but more gritty with the bleak setting. read it a bit ago but keep thinking about it, very effective.

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    Matt (Tuesday, 31 July 2012 22:02)

    Excellent - really visual and a great twist!

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    Hazel (Wednesday, 01 August 2012 17:10)

    Excellent, not a word or gesture out of place and just when you think you've come to the twist, the totally unexpected ending stays with you while you marvel at this disturbingly modern inversion of the 'romantic' notions we conventionally associate with Valentine's Day.

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    Sylvia Lambe (Thursday, 09 August 2012 19:43)

    Pretty dark and kinda weird but it's the leftfield quirkiness I like.
    Well done!