Near Kisses Scripts 201 to 300

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A Sexist Valentines Conversation

Two men blow kisses at girls but have a sexist conversation by Thom Osborn


A peculiar meeting between two original human beings by Louise Dubois


Valentines is here, but what about Cupid? by Craig Priestley

A Kiss Between Friends

A man sits in a train compartment traveling to an unknown destination with an unknown companion asking the question we all want ask after a breakup, who can I trust? and the answer comes in an unexpected form by Kory O'Keefe

Oats & Honey

A market stall trader finds love in extraordinary circumstances by Rishi Vaja

Darren & Amy

A love story exploring your first, true love but with a twist by Robert Hodge

First Timers

Their first time just might be their last... by Isaac Kinsey


A middle-aged guy travelling alone finds an unlikely companion in a sleepy young man by Corneliu Dragomirescu

Trina 'n' Lisa

A woman at breaking point finds the courage to love herself by David Maddison


Four privileged passengers aboard Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipOne prepare for a romantic trip into space, but the flight ends in an arrest, a breakup and perjury by Ralph Renouf


Two strangers meet and the power of unconditional love saves one of their lives by Tracy Richardson

Forgotten Kiss

An ordinary boy wants a dream lover without knowing that his real love is nearby and it's not ordinary by Shankar Murti

Love is a Battlefield

High school classmates meet again in Iraq as one is injured and raced to a field hospital, he professes his interest in her and steals a kiss by Carissa Marks

A Letter to BooBoo

Pte William Abbot braves more than the tyranny of the Second World War to write a love letter to BooBoo by Andy Pollard

Fate Love

How can the fate make a girl love a day she has always hated? by Francesca Gajo

Kissing Sweet

Valentine’s Night and an inexperienced teenager realises her kissing technique leaves a lot to be desired by Laura Dishington

The Parcel

A father must juggle the requirements of two young children with his need to deliver a most important parcel by Kim Wheeler

Favourite Work of Art

A Korean lady is upset because her boyfriend is thousands of miles away on Valentine's Day. She is surprised to discover he has left her a string of clues in an art gallery for her to find him by Simeon Lumgair

Ultima Nocte

Two Final Nights; One dark secret by Jeff Mooney

Last Kiss of the Day

A wife. A husband. A mother. A child. A victim. Who will have the last kiss of the day? by Andy Pollard

I Take Care of Losers

Little Indie is determined her mum will have a date on Valentine's Day. All she needs is a bag of chocolates and some good acting! by CC Wang

The Strangers in a Bar Game

Working in a bar on Valentine's Night, friends Lukasz and Minna watch couples play games to reignite old passions. Will they discover a new passion of their own? by Michelle Duffy


A woman comes home to cook a romantic meal for her abusive partner and panics when she realises her son is in the house by MJ Hermanny

Always and Forever

Iestyn and Linette, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health …. by JL Swift

Time To Go

In a surburban house, early on Valentine's morning, an affair comes to an end... by Lisa Howells

Nesting For Jessica

On his wife's birthday, Valentine's Day, Bill Feldman builds a nest for his unborn child by Sabina Giado


Two eleven year olds find out about the pressures of 'going out' on a not so perfect Valentine's day by Magali Lamarre

That's Love

Space saints Valentine and Virginia bring an Earth couple together.....only she is a nun! by Mary Anstey

The Little Ones Get Older

Love can be tough out on the moors by Elaine Tellez Garita


A woman and a man meet in a loud club, where they have fun and talk by reading from each other's mouth. When they go out it turns out the guy is deaf-mute by Alexandra Rak


True love outlives life in this Valentine's ghost story by David John Buckley

I Love You. Anon

It may be Valentine's Day but for Vivian it's just another work day that is until she receives a teasing invitation late in the afternoon by Shauna McKenna

Little Treasures

Love is buying socks together by Fran Zuch

Double Cross

A woman is in terrible duress as a group of mafia type thugs stand guard, until it is finally revealed that their boss is her husband and she is trying to delay giving birth on Valentine's Day so she doesn't have to name her son Valentino by Laurie Ashbourne

The Juggler

For most of us, Valentine's day is all about good old romance. But some 
people take it to the next level, in tune with our depraved times by Jim Nadackal

A Beautiful Voice

Beth has no reason to celebrate Valentine's Day as she goes about her day.
That evening however, a bunch of flowers arrive on her doorstep with a card saying "You have a beautiful voice. Happy Valentine's Day by Nighat Khan

What is Love?

What may seem to be idle routine for this middle aged couple is in reality anything but... by Steve Hunt

The Best Things in Life

A lonely woman looks for romance on valentines day - but at what price? by Conan D'Agostino

Kiss Chase

On the run, running out of time, tick tock, the train wont stop, can he get his girl? by Sara-Ellen Scalise

A Fate Worse Than Death

What could be worse than the shock of discovering the woman you love is with someone else? by Conan D'Agostino

Changing the World

A strict Muslim Father-JAFAR ABDULA and an English (hyper sensitive) single Mother-ERIN GRAY misinterpret their child's Valentine Cards--thinking that their six year old children are having somewhat of a salacious relationship. Each one-looking forward to each other's-many kisses. But then, JAFAR and ERIN realize they have drastically over reacted and that their child's Valentine Cards are about something completely opposite by Scott T. Whitehouse

Love Across Time
Is true love eternal? by Rita Wheeler

A little boy comes home after school with something very important inside his hand and don't want to open it anyways, which make his parents both curious and concerned. by Catarina Macena

Pasta and Chips

How far will a couple go to save an affair wrecked-marriage, when the only mistress left now is a fickle one. by Daren Thomas

The Gist

Lewis has nothing left to live for until he receives a kiss from his dead wife. by Martyn Deakin


A man runs down a darkened road with a message running through his head. But who's the message for? by Ioan Holland

I Kiss you Cry

It’s Valentine’s Day but whilst Jessica is in bliss, she finds her neighbour at the lowest point of her life. by Patricia Mbangui

I Won't Forget

Even after death, the pull of true love is too strong to resist. By Robert Warren

Look After You

Anna's parents were planning to go out tonight. But not now. by Gordon Slack

Decent Proposal
Laurence is so frightfully nervous about asking sophisticated Cynthia THAT Michael Monkhouse

Bill and June
An elderly yorkshire couple, having been reminded of their own mortality, reflect upon a defining moment in their past. by Lou Martens

Valentine's Reservations
One spineless boyfriend and one high maintenance girlfriend equals a Valentine’s Day to forget. By Nina Crane