Fever Pitch Fives by David McCrea

An uptight football referee must antagonise his valentine on the field of play in order to seduce her.
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    Paul Holbrook (Friday, 20 July 2012 16:27)

    Nice idea this one. The feelings of the main characters came across as a little muddled to me, but I really like the idea.

  • #2

    Jaye (Friday, 20 July 2012 17:40)

    That was fun and totally unexpected. If I was Tara I would have still kicked the ref in the shin!

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    Steven JC Johnson (Friday, 20 July 2012)

    A good, swift read. It feels like it was written swiftly, too, as there are one or two spelling mistakes. Not a criticism, though, as it evoked a great football match.
    As Jaye said, though, Tara should have kicked the ref in the nads and shoved the whistle up his bum - after kissing it - the whistle, that is, not his bum... crikey. :)

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    Stephen (Friday, 20 July 2012 19:26)

    A fun read. I could see this film being made. The first stage 200 must be good to beat this one!
    You could turn this into a 5 minute short film.

  • #5

    Kit (Saturday, 21 July 2012 00:08)

    Agree that Tara should be more outraged. She seems to switch too easily.

  • #6

    Aaron (Saturday, 21 July 2012 12:59)

    A really nice idea, I could actually imagine it as a short film.

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    Layla (Sunday, 22 July 2012 14:22)

    Aside from pitying the ref in the beginning, maybe there could have been another beat of action/reason why Tara could like the ref before he starts punishing her. Otherwise, loved this idea. The image of the uncouth tracksuits was great - not your typical romantic Valentine's get up!

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    Nigel Sheppard (Wednesday, 25 July 2012 16:13)

    This would be an absolute killer to make, but the script is fun and lively.