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Decent Proposal
Laurence is so frightfully nervous about asking sophisticated Cynthia THAT question... by Michael Monkhouse

One man, one woman, and one final Valentine's night. by Nigel Sheppard

The Proposal

Valentine's Day, a candle-lit restaurant, a romantic proposal - what can possibly go wrong? by Jeff Nolan

Moving Inside
During Valentine's day, a mysterious woman shows how far goes her love obsession.
by Eric BC

Bird in the Hand
Everybody needs a budgie to love. by Linda McLaughlin

A woman with a toddler tries to rekindle some of the spark of Valentine's Day with unfortunate consequences. by Carla Cyr

Tomorrow is Saint Valentine
A dying woman looks back over the most important days of her life - all on Saint Valentine's Day.
by Carol Allen

The Journey
The dramatisation of a poem inspired by 'If this is a man' by Primo Levi. by Margaret Jennings

Virtual Love
Valentine's Day forces Amy to face the fact that she's clinging to a love and reality that isn't real by Erica Nicole McNabb

The Journey
The dramatisation of a poem inspired by 'If this is a man' by Primo Levi. by Margaret Jennings

Lemonade Stand
When Pam declares her lemonade stand to be a complete success despite her father’s lack of help, Mother proves her wrong thereby inspiring Pam to make sure Dad knows he's her special Valentine by Craig Swindell

On Valentine's Day, a deaf office worker tries to woo the girl across the office by Glen Laker

Beyond Control
A grief stricken woman fights an SAS officer to reach her father as he lies dying by Stephen James Hall

Fork in the Road
Breaking up in public can be a painful business, especially when there are forks involved by Michael Brandon

Blind Date with Destiny
Blind dates can be a tricky business! by Danny Conboy

Lucky Number 6
Sometimes an awkward ride in an elevator can help renew a friendship. Sometimes...
by Danny Conboy

Stage(d) Kiss
One of the most famous kisses ever photographed wasn't the spontaneous act you thought it was: welcome to one of the earliest examples of staged reality.
Aly Valentone

First Kiss
Young love never grows old by Dr Deveril

Bachelor Pad
The morning post can cause all sorts of relationship issues by Dr Deveril

True Love Never Fades Out
JIM loves SHONA dearly but her brother made their relation sour, who finally are united on Valentine’s night by Khurshid Alam

Physical Distraction
A nerdy Physics Ph.D. student is hapless when pressed into duty as mentor to undergraduates but he falls in love and finds the courage to “sing” the secrets of his heart on Valentines Day by Ivan Pekarchuk

The Stink-Balm
A PR Rep's heartfelt kiss validates an insecure TV commercial director’s success and keeps him from ruining the project by seeking immediate feedback from Three Corporate Suits by Ivan Pekarchuk

CXI 2084
In an Orwellian future, Valentine cards are the bagged-and-tagged treasure of Savages and a Crimesex Agent almost penetrates the forbidden Outer Rim by Mark Wilson

The Kiss
It's Valentine's Eve and a lady has a secret to tell her boyfriend who in turn has something he wants to share with her by Mike Fraser

Midnight at the Musee
Rodin's Kiss comes to life when touched by Valentine's moonlight, but can the lovers escape before the magic ends at midnight? by Simon Beasor

Those Dogged Days
A lonely woman strives for a normal day in a world gone mad by David Cook

Semper Fidelis
There are many kinds of loving, an many kinds of kisses, an a million ways for them to be dysfunctional -- But one love, one kiss, that is always true by Jonathan Sheen

Never Forgotten

She may have lived her life, but she never forgot her first love by J Mockridge

A boy is crushed when the babysitter turns up with her boyfriend in tow by J Mockridge

A True Kiss
Jasmine looks forward to a Valentines night out with her boyfriend Sam, but he chooses to be with his friends instead, and gets more than he bargained for by Craig Beachell

I'm Only Sleeping
a romantic old man who, on the 50th anniversary of his first date with his now wife, finds his day is not going to be as wonderful as he'd hoped by Thom Vanstone

Take a Deep Breath
A young man risks looking desperate if he decides to phone a woman he has just seen, but appearing desperate is the last of his worries by Soneil Inayat

Loyalty Points
A man is alone on valentines day after recently splitting from his partner, he still expects a card but the envelope that lands on the floor is far from romantic by Soneil Inayat

More than Words
A man's Valentine's dream is a woman's headache by Francesca Silveri

A man looks back over a game of charades and the first kiss of his now failed marriage by Sandy Nicholson

Bend the Line
A tale of love set in a dystopian future by James Williams

Sonia has seen fellow runner Paul struggling to improve his time in the local park. She suggests an “Anti-Valentines” drink to celebrate their singleness and defy the hype by Martin Price

A Grand Day Out
A young couple share business and pleasure while on a date by the seaside by Thomas Mccue

Kissing the Stone
Hilary longs for a ring on her finger but Alan just wants to get to the top of Blarney Castle... by Niki Wakefield

Daddy's Girl
A mother tries to help her daughter without realizing they both share the same delusion by Paul Barlow

Happy Hour
Two disheartend strangers seek refuge in a fading singles bar from that special night.
by Gareth Turpie

Purple Undies
Will Michael get a date with the girl of his dreams… if he asks her in the most awkward of situations? by Ivana Jelisavac

Fire Games
A professor tries to end his affair with an obsessive student - and faces drastic consequences by Ivana Jelisavac

Sweet Vengeance
A married woman secretly in love with another man plot to kill her drunk, angry husband so they can run away and be together forever by Martin White

Red Ribbon
A young man finds a gift amongst the remnants of a post-apocalyptic world.
by Gareth Cooper

Exasperated Fondness
Dan is trying to get the house ready for his wife to come home on Valentine's Day; his children aren't helping by Ellie Jones

South Bank Snogs
Nia and Aine feel passionate about their work on London's culture-rich The South Bank. But who will they find passion with on Valentine's night? By Penny Noble

For You
Boy decides to pay girl a visit on Valentines day by Sukey Richardson

Valentine's Day With...Mom by Max Nowicki

Never Forget Me
A shy quiet school boy bring flowers to his loved one following a fatal car crash who doesn't realise he's even there. Or does she? by Martin White

I Do
A woman attempts to modify her man by matrimony by Alison Wilkie

White Rose
Would you kill your lover in the name of mercy? by Alexandra Denye

Fever Pitch Fives

An uptight football referee must antagonise his valentine on the field of play in order to seduce her, by David McCrea

Keeping Faith

Jim grants his disabled wife, Faith, her ultimate wish... to die and free both herself from the pain, and Jim from looking after her, but ultimately Jim dies and she remains alive and alone, by Joe Cawley

A Night That's Ours

James and Molly have been together for 10 years, one year they choose to spend Valentine's day reminiscing about how they met, simply enjoying each other's company, by Shelby Storey

Who Do I Tell this Pain of Seperation
When young Dave fails to find ice on the Valentine’s Day, he is forced to take drastic measures to preserve the love of his life by Usman Haider

Taking the plunge

Everyone needs love and will wade through all kinds of crap to find it, by T Elkington


Sophia’s successful career comes at great cost; the inability to confront matters of the heart, when her attentions are gravitated towards a young female designer, Katie who works for her company, by Claire Mockett

The Nocturnal Visitors

Milly and Takk have the ability to call spirits, saved by Alan, who tragically died helping them escape the clutches of amateur scientists,they visit his wife a year later, to bring him back for a visit on Valentines day, by Claire Mockett

The Wish

Alf now deceased has to come back to see his beloved Meg on Valentines Day after all promise is a promise, by Paul Woods

One Last Walk
After a global disaster wipes out all life on Earth, the last man and woman aboard the International Space Station must decide how to meet their destiny, by Steven JC Johnson

A Kiss to Hope

In POV, Ben asks himself about love from the Bakerloo line to Piccadilly Circus, by Juan Jo Dorantes H

The Only Girl I'll Ever Need

A story of unquestionable and unconditional love between a young girl and her adoring father as the two search the shelves for the perfect Valentine's card for their mother/wife, by Aaron Eamer

Love in Love
A woman pursues Cupid, by Elizabeth Ditty

In order to make their love eternal, she needs the strength to deliver that final kiss and say goodbye, by Mikey Jackson

The Catalyst
A lesbian kiss is the catalyst for Heather’s change of heart, prompting an impulsive and violent reaction from her husband, by Sally Bratton

Table Manners
A table is laid for two. No dialogue. A story told through crockery, food and hands, by Java Bere

Love For A Fatty
Jeff never chased love. Instead he settled for what he got; An unhappy and predictable life. His outlook may change when his local paper reports on the "Suicide fatty, that struggled to find love", by Paul Holbrook

Hitting on Jess
At a Valentine's party, Ben tries to help James approach his childhood
sweetheart, by Anton Russell

Twisted Love
a rocky relationship between a couple who are both aggressive towards each other, but at the same time they desperately love each other -
the kind of love people find hard to understand why, by Rupert Hodson

Kate is searching for her Birth Mother, but will her obsessive quest destroy what is also precious - the love of her fiancee Andy? by Fraser May

A young girl obsesses with Romeo and Juliet waits for someone to give her their heart - literally, by Elizabeth Swan

The Dumb Waitress
After confusion over sexuality, a waitress appears to mix up two male companion’s orders to the amusement of the older man who sets things up for the perfect Valentines kiss, by Merlin Ward

Robert's mind is broken. Being witness to evil changed him, by Paul Holbrook

Perfect Match
There’s only one thing Tracy loves more than the smouldering Spanish football sensation Fernando... by Tony Black

Let Down
A man returns home unexpectedly to find his lover, a BLOW-UP DOLL with another man; a MANNEQUIN! by Carl Pickard

Ice Cream Sunday
Harry and Lisa debate the meaning of love in this short romantic comedy.  Inspired by the films of Woody Allen, by Ian Armer

The Girl in the Tutu
A clown can also be a fool for love, or a hero, but can he be a lover? by Al Canlin

Screen Test
A son’s troubled relationship with his father is resolved when he and his sister discover a 16mm movie clip made on Valentine’s Day in 1964, by David Sartof

From a Distance
Things escalate one Valentines night when a woman faces the facts with her neighbor's intrusiveness into her life and her relationship. by Samantha Skelton

This One
A way-ward son’s actions prove troublesome to the family’s plans for a Valentine’s Night celebration at the restaurant he runs; he is being watched, by David Sartof

Last Breath
A kiss can be precious even after someone is gone, by Lorraine Rice

A child is abducted, something precious is lost and
the stranger is not what he seems. by Stephanie Van Driel

Mail Order
When geek Sam's mail order bride drops dead he realises the truth can't always be buried, and that Natalya isn't quite what she seems, by Pete Jackson

May Contain Nuts And Bolts
Some people are never lucky enough to find their soul mate. Jake is not one of those losers. He has found his love, the only problem is some assembly is required. by Tim Johnson

Sparks Will Fly
A death row prisoner leaves his new wife a little something to remember him by...
by Adam Thursby

A mother struggling to understand how her son could murder by Molly McGowan

A fender-bender leads to an imagined romance in the street. Or does it? by Jeffrey Gold

A Heart Gladly Given
A gentle, silent film, that follows an elderly man's journey as he reminisces about Valentines of his past, before finally meeting the Valentine of his future. by Susan Moffat

A GRITTY DRAMA - Foster child, Marla, is forced by her abuser to confront her one true fear, her Father, by Layla Zakaria

The Newlyweds
A brides dream day arrives, only to be destroyed by a persistent figure from her past, by Vicky Hinault

The Final Kiss
A young man prepares for a crucial moment with the love of his life, by Paul Franklin