That's Amore by Kosha Engler

The last thing Mae wants to do on Valentine’s Day is visit her dying grandmother, but after an evening together Mae comes to terms with their final goodbye
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    Mitch (Sunday, 29 July 2012 16:52)

    I loved this one... maybe they thought the setting might put filmmakers off as its a culture that's been convincingly portrayed so often, it's hard to fake on film (provided it wouldn't be made by Italian Americans).

    Lovely ending too. I wonder if a British version would have fared differently (or worked so well). Well done.

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    ShaunaJ (Monday, 30 July 2012 16:55)

    That started out sad and went to sweet. I wonder why it didn't make the long list. I really liked how she sent the taxi away for an extra hour with her grandmother.

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    Lisa (Thursday, 02 August 2012 09:26)

    Gosh, I think it's lovely. I didn't quite follow the jump cuts, though. Perhaps one moment of tenderness or sentimentality may have served you better here, as the unforgiving 2 pages have made your script seem a little bit disjointed to me. But I really love the understated tone, and it hasn't come across cheesy, which it easily could have.