On the Way Down by Joe Hughes

He starts the night young, hip and rich and ends it drunk, rejected and dejected, as usual.
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    Michelle Golder (Tuesday, 24 July 2012 15:33)

    I like it! I could really see all the action and it's a story that can't be told too often. The only thing I'd say is I didn't like the final scene. It didn't seem to add anything to me. I'd rather have had the "before" scene, and got to know the young man a little better, and like him more, so that I'd care more when he disgraces himself.

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    John (Tuesday, 24 July 2012 21:23)

    Given that the brief was asking for a Valentine's Day setting and should represent an understanding of "love", I couldn't get this at all. It reminded me of Lost Weekend with Ray Milland. But love? Not really