For Billy by Simon Regan

Taking refuge in an abandoned bedroom, 39 y/o Helen says one last goodbye to her departed husband, while just outside the door the droning hordes are closing in
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    Milethia (Sunday, 29 July 2012 13:33)

    I liked this one-hander horror, particularly Helen's running commentary as she works out what to do. Her pepper mill weapon is inspired - just the sort of thing someone would grab when they were at a restaurant and 'all hell breaks loose'.

    Erm... perhaps the kiss might have penalised you slightly. You say that drinking from the bottle is the 'final kiss goodbye', but I think you needed to have her kiss the bottle before swigging.

    Minor thing - You write - 'it's sheets'. This should read 'its sheets'.

    Low budget horror...someone will want it, I'm sure.

    All the best.