At the Station by David Mulholland

Returning from his failed valentines date, a young man has to placate a homeless aged alcoholic who confuses him for a happy success, with the gifts that were meant for his date.
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    Kim Wheeler (Thursday, 26 July 2012 10:16)

    I don't know if you intended the script to have an element of ironic comedy to it but this is how I read it. (You know, when your day has been absolutely crap and you end up sitting next to the wierdo on the bus etc.) I think, perhaps, it might have been great to have mentioned what was in the bag; I really wanted to know. Maybe a sexy thong? Maybe a cute teddy bear? Something comical but completely useless to the rantor, perhaps, that he could react to. Anyway, I enjoyed the story. Well done David and keep writing.

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    Rachel McAdam (Friday, 27 July 2012 18:40)

    Agree with Kim - would loved to have known what was in the bag and seen the Ranting Man's reaction to it. Otherwise I thought the bit about being in the gaps as opposed to being on the platform was a really clever analogy.