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It only Happens in the Movies
Is the idea of love real or does it only happen in the movies? by Ellyn Heeley

Love Hunter
In a world in which love became banned by the law, the life of a lovers hunter may change completely after his latest mission on Valentine's Day. by Petre Apostol

Girl of my Dream
It was love at first sound for Elmer and Elmyra that Valentine's Day at Nathan's in Coney Island; but who would've thought Elmer would turn his heart into his dweam westauwant. by Brenda Ray

A couples valentines day dinner is not what it seems as we learn the man has suffered a painful loss and only one miracle drug can help him cope. by Chris Townsend

Katie and Dan miss each other, but neither know much. Is it too late for them to save what they had? by Christine Morrow

The Fountain
Drew loves Amanda more than anything in the world, but how does he propose to her without muttering a word? The Fountain lets you experience Drew's most imaginative proposal, We'd be mad not to say yes. by Shayna Newham-Jones

Last Kiss
A young couple stalked by a mysterious man with a revelation that
will destroy their relationship. by Thomas Simpson

Rock Star Valentine
An ageing rock star meets his real valentine.
by J Suriano

1 Year, 1 Night
Ben's hopes of getting the woman he loves, comes to a head one fateful night.
by David Blakemore

My First Effing Valentines Day Kiss
Jill's hoping for her first kiss on Valentines Day, but when her boyfriend tells her some unfortunate news about their relationship, she will do whatever it takes to get her first effing valentines day kiss. by Ian Topple

At the Station
Returning from his failed valentines date, a young man has to placate a homeless aged alcoholic who confuses him for a happy success, with the gifts that were meant for his date. by David Mulholland

Love of the Game
Jimmy safrifices going to a Wolves game, to take his wife out, but can't bear it. by David Blakemore

Two people, one present and no more love. by Ana Vilenica

A Lifetime
A british soldier conquers all odds to return and honour the dying wish of his loved one. by Samuel Chukwuka

The Lois Lane Theory
Can you ever get over your first love? Is the question Day is posed with using a Kill bill-esque Superman analogy to answer it. by David Oguntona

Who Pays
Joe wants to date Lisa but has no money whilst Deborah has the hots for Joe and is loaded meaning almost everyone's happy. by Richard Layton

Shut Up and Knish Me
Tonight, Melanie will give herself one last chance to find true love
-- and the clock's about to strike midnight.
by Su/Nina Hoyle

Other Women
Convinced that single men are all losers, Tilda is hunting for a husband and she doesn't care whose. by Richard Layton

For Billy 

Taking refuge in an abandoned bedroom, 39 y/o Helen says one last goodbye to her departed husband, while just outside the door the droning hordes are closing in. by Simon Regan

In a love story that could make Titanic look like a piece of crap, Brad fights to win back the heart of his ex girlfriend. by Tim Johnson

Marc´s Good-Bye!
Marc is dying of Cancer and in a Moment of great Desperation, he suddenly has to deal with saying Good-Bye to his friends on Valentine´s Day! by Thomas Schunke

The Bloody Cross
Love means different things to different people at different stages of their lives. by Ben Teh

A man in an Art Gallery discovers that something is bigger than one but smaller than than two... and we're not talking about One-Point-X here! by Suvasis Arya

The Flatmate
It's Valentine's Day, and 19 y/o David has been dumped. Scoffing down dodgy black market Valentine's chocolates alone in his room, he has a startling revelation. Confessing to his Youtube subscribers: “I think my Flatmate... is a werewolf!'' by Simon Regan

The Gist
Lewis has nothing left to live for until he receives a kiss from his dead wife. by Martyn Deakin

Hardest Part of Love
Sofia is on her way to University, when her father suddenly dies. Should she go or stay to look after her wheelchair bound mother? What sacrifice is her mother prepared to make? by Nicholas Burman-Vince

By the Book
Prince Charming's plan to awaken a sleeping princess goes awry when she wakes as a ravenous zombie. by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi

Growing Up
Growing Up follows a couple revisiting their relationship from meeting in high school to the present day. by Christopher Francis

A Love Remembered
One kiss brings back the memory of a life long love. by Margaret Avnet

Take Two
A film ends in disaster when two actors kiss. by Stephen Irwin

Dateless Jack is flagged down on a country road on valentines night by a girl who has lost her dog, but is she real? by Daniel Sunley

Girl With A Camera
At the end of a man's life his thoughts of love are those of regret, of the one that got away. by Robert Lee

My Darling Joan
Roland writes a final letter to his wife and commits what he believes to be the ultimate act of love in her name. by Nicole Tan

Right of Succession
Joely’s been laying low since her mum died.  If she stays off the radar until she’s sixteen she’ll have rights to the flat.  Best friend Melih’s been with her every step of the way. by Jayne Lake

The Choice
Twin souls were found in parallel lives. One is carried away by the passion of love and happiness she's ever dreamed to have, without imagining the real outcome of events. by Haydee Ayala

Wink-Drink Love
When I was a kid I used to think why do people always wink?
by Ashaur Rahman

Valentine's Virgin
When Thomas cynically dismisses his best friend's plan for Valentine's night, an unexpected discovery brings him back to his very special first Valentine's and a long forgotten promise. by Francesco Cerniglia

What does that mean
When you feel trapped in a relationship, it gets hard to understand  what love means.
by Marcia Mateus

Trev and Sue
Trev's love for Sue overcomes bigotry and discrimination as he takes on a care assistant with a bad attitude. By Wilma Kenny

A stubborn musician struggles to impess a famous critic when he snaps a string on his beloved guitar during a performance on valentines night. by Gareth Yates

A Rose in Alabama

A washed up trailer trash painter has a creepy agenda by Andy Mick

Tainted Hearts
A demon stalks a young girl on Valentine's night by Aaron Small

Pork Pie
a young man, in Brighton, desperately looking for a free public toilet has a random encounter with an attractive stranger, but what will this spontaneous meeting bring about? by Phillip Whiteman

Final Curtain
When an actor disappears from the stage under mysterious circumstances, the blood curdling facts of the case can finally be revealed by Fred Koszewnik

Nothing Like Love
An elderly attorney enters an epic spousal battle when he tries to talk a client out of divorce during Valentines dinner by Scott Luper

The Gift

With a little help from magic, any dream can come true by Delphine Gaida

Last Kiss of the Day
A wife.  A husband.  A mother.  A child.  A victim.  Where do your priorities lie with the every day stresses of life? by Tracey J Curtis

A charming man plans a romantic homemade meal for his Valentine's Day date, however she's quite different from your average woman by Tom Batt.

A Nice Cuppa
A kiss that will take you to the stars…and beyond? by Jonathan Wilkinson

The Northern Protector
We are invited to a glimpse along Joan's path as she reflects on the death of her husband by Grant Atkins

The Shopping List
Set in a place where people still handwash clothes in their courtyard, teenage love is scorned upon and children share the universal bitter-sweet relationship with their parents. Story of Reema, Ravi & his mother by Vandana Natu

Once is a lifetime
If death was a woman would she wear high heels and would the kiss be worth it? by Peppy Barlow

The Jagged Crown
When Phil is caught trying to abscond with Elizabeth, the daughter of a ruthless gangster, he finds himself torn between his own survival and his loyalty to the love of his life by Joshua Douglas-Walton

Happy Valentine
What would you say to a stranger on a street when the world is coming to an end? by How Han Ming

Just One More Kiss
Valentine's day brings back memories for a widow by Joe Connelly

Covert Kiss
Kissing a handsome stranger is tricky when local customs don't approve by Joanna Pascoe

The secret language that everyone speaks by Donald Rae

On the Way Down
He starts the night young, hip and rich and ends it drunk, rejected and dejected, as usual by Joe Hughes

Birds and Bees
A middle aged couple anxiously waits for an invitation to an offbeat St. Valentine’s night celebration by Maria Elizabeth

Before Tomorrow
romantic love lost  between two best friends. After a passionate kiss on Jim's rooftop, Jim tells Belinda he's moving away for good. Belinda turns away going back to her own life as a wife and a mother by Frances Beldia

In the Chase
a father and son discuss love on a fishing trip by Jake Armstrong

Kiss the Angel
A stood-up teenager finds inspiration and new possibilities through a mysterious stranger by Udhaya Kulandaivelu

Letter Home
A devoted mother has had her world torn apart after receiving a letter from her only son. A letter he never wanted her to read by Alexandra Owen

The Note
In her attempt to save evidence for the one she loves she literally comes face to face with the enemy by SJ Charles

That's Amore
The last thing Mae wants to do on Valentine’s Day is visit her dying grandmother, but after an evening together Mae comes to terms with their final goodbye by Kosha Engler

The Seasons
The four seasons witness the development of a beautiful love story bound together by a beautiful original love song by Robert Young

Diamonds Aren't Forever
Josh gives Sami a diamond ring in a posh restaurant, she says, 'she'll never take it off again,' but how is he to pay the bill? by Maya and Paul Hammarsal

Three Valentines
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – especially when she has access to the internet to boot… by Mandy Amory

Love Licks all Wounds
A hardened corporate play-boy prefers to spend the most romantic night in the year with someone who shares a similar abusive past, and in their bonding we learn that love licks all wounds by Neisha Van der Veen

No Sincerer Love
There's no sincerer love than the love of food, well, if it's off limits. You always want what you can't have... by Louise McCooey

Eternal Love
One man's love for his soul mate is heard around the world by Scott Baker

I was Made for Lovin
For most people, Valentine's is a day to find love, for divorcee Beth, it's a chance to find something a little different... by Brendan Udy

A Helping Hand
When you make a mistake in your life and need it rectifying, there's always someone you can rely on… by Mandy Amory

Whilst searching for frog spawn, two kids bond in this bittersweet tale of first love by Teenie Russell

The story of a guy who can not get over a lost love by Maris Bortnikovs

A Valentine's Day proposal at the football stadium hasn't gone down well. What chance the replay? by Roger Laing

Unable to face another Valentines without his bride, a lonely Mario decides to join her in the after-life by Ken Cardwell

Johnny and Peanut
Johnny promises Peanut that no one will ever tear them apart, but is that a promise he can keep? by Mark Cowling

The Love Bite
A Romantic Horor concerning the whole 'till death do us part' myth, taking romance into supernatural and comedic realms for a little bite to eat on Valentines day by Lewis Allan Gibson-Grainger

Festival of the Racing Brides
The marriage pairings of a small Mexican town is determined by a bizarre footrace with permanent consequences by Matthew Duffy

The Only Girl I'll Ever Need
A story of unquestionable and unconditional love between a young girl and her adoring father as the two search the shelves for the perfect Valentine's card for their mother/wife by Aaron Eamer

Screenplay Memory
After the war, a woman who survived a rape camp finds a way to bring retribution to her tormentor by Ron Middleton

Love You, Babe
An emotional look at what Valentine’s Day can mean to those not able to enjoy it.
by Terry Comer

Woolly Mammoth
A Valentine's Day that 15 year-old Bethany will not forget by Brian Charity

The Human Condition
A postmodern look at why humans need love through a man’s words and a girl’s actions by Christine McGowan

One man's valentines night companion is depression and hurt by Noel Rainford

Little Bernie
Bernadette doesn't care if God says Priests can't have girlfriends. She loves Father Paul and that's that. Problem is, she's not the only one by Simon Mitchell

Next Year
David's Valentine's plans go on hold when he visits his ailing mother by Mike Morucci

A couple have forgotten what it was that brought them together in the first place - laughter by Nicholas Irving

Eight year old Ellie wants to show someone how much she loves him on Valentine's Day. But as always, her lifetime rival stands in her way by Michelle Golder

As newly-widowed Sylvia grieves for her husband she discovers solace in a most unlikely source by Amanda Webster