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Kissed Off!


Valentine's Burglar

Holding his to-go coffee cup in the parking lot of a coffee shop on Valentine's Day, a man  is horrified to discover  two women in the front of his car, unaware of his sleeping dog in the back seat by Linda Algazi 

Adieu, My Love

A couple must profess their love to each other one last time in order to get some rest by Emi Sano


An old-fashioned love story of a man and his mobile by Francis Litzinger

Do What We Can

Through the help of her distant husband serving in the army, lonely Auralee, an artist, learns to free herself to find comfort. Inspired by Henry James by Charlotte Rogers

Baucis and Philemon

An old couple die together in peace on Valentine's Day by Elinor Perry-Smith


A young woman discovers the origin of her name through a chance meeting with a stranger by Dean Hersey

Perfectly Beautiful

An international fashion model listens to the wonderful career that awaits her, but all she can think about is a kiss by Joel Clark Ackerman 

Love is Deaf

Though he can't hear her music, David is the most attentive listener as Cass performs for an audience too engaged with other noises on Valentine's night by Thom Bruce


Jasper has an embarrassing problem when it comes to hooking up with girls. But just when he's ready to give up, he meets someone who could just be the perfect girl for him by Michelle Golder

Someone Else's Kiss  

John came over to visit his girlfriend for the weekend, but it was someone else's kiss that made him shudder by David Sueiro

Moving On

A bride and groom pay their last respects at a morgue by Bill Clar

Kiss on a Ledge 

Tough biker Theo has to stop Irene from jumping off a bridge, but it willchange his status dramatically by Martijn Daamen 

Lovers in the Night

Hell bent on obtaining the ultimate secret a deadly assassin hunts a tortured mastermind only to discover his true desires lie elsewhere by Robbie Gibbon

Add to Basket 

Even when we are so happily in love....we still like 'shopping'...by Carolina Giammetta

A Skate Park Called Utopia

A young man and woman fall in love - 'Rebel vs Beauty', can their night of bliss defeat the myth of Heaven existing on Earth before its too late? by Jade Blair

Little Anne

A Valentine present in the form of a hooker. What will the night entail? by A Little Anne by Riahta Ranford

Like Cherries

The first kiss.  Because love has to start somewhere... by Martin Rowe

Seeing Clearly

A thief steals a magic box, and finds that it exerts a strong influence on his heart by Chris Low

Parental Love

This family is haunted. But not all ghosts are dead by Neil Penswick

The Bench

An old man waits in the park for the woman he loves. But appearances can be deceiving...by Kevin Buckland

Battered Roses

He had a very important question to ask. And nothing would stop him asking it... by Alice Barnard

The Run

One man running against the clock to change his fate...by Lucas Heck

The Accident

If you can't remember, who do you trust... by Sinead Beverland

Lips Stick

An arguing couple get more than they bargained for on Valentine's night when their lips... Stick by Damien St John

Blowing Kisses

An elderly railway station cleaner gently guides two young women away from making wrong life changing decisions on Valentine's Day... by Magz Wiseman


Two sick children in a hospital demonstrate how the simple magic of friendship can heal the heart and conquer neglect... by Benedict Lombe

She is the One
Hugh is too nervous before the date with the girl of his dreams, but his friend Janine is there to help him
by Kostas Dalianis


Cupid is interviewed about his work, with an unexpected interpretation of his job description by Paul W Franklin

Special Delivery

On Valentine's Day, an eighteen-year-old Sikh girl waits anxiously for the postman and a very special delivery by Kulvinder Gill

Boy on a Bicycle

A teenager rides the highs and lows of being gay... by Darwin Franks

The Deal

Two lovers sharing the joys of romance make a deal that one will always wake the other with a kiss. But when fate intervenes, it seems that not all promises can be kept and that not every sleeping beauty can be woken... by Andrew Fawn

The Cost Of A Kiss

An unwelcome guest interrupts what should be the most romantic of evenings... by Frank Saunders

Pardon my Predelection

All Betty wants is a man to love her, All Hans wants is a woman to love his
unusual eating habits... by Eddie Coleman

No Kiss Before Dying

How do you make peace when your heart's in pieces? by Eddie Coleman


A stripper refuses to admit that she's upset that the guy she's been seeing has ended things... by J Sicora

Hopeless Love

Four sisters on a tempestuous roller coaster, whereby one slides away beyond, leaving behind what love she had left... by Anne-Marie Baker

Cup Tie Kiss

A football-mad dad, a toddler with too many Valentine's Day sweets, a cup-tie and two kisses... by C Jeffries

So Close

When a single kiss seems to spell the end of everything, can love
still blossom in the cold light of day? by Matt Medlock

The Cake Shop

A man caught between the love for his son and the agenda of his manipulative partner pays the ultimate sacrifice and kisses his freedom away... by David Vowden


Three male students discover their favorite pub has been invaded by their conservative political adversaries, who happen to be women... by Mark Weller

Charlie's Roll

Dumb luck, persistence, and shifting motivations keep an unlikely relationship alive... by Eric Reece

Epic Romance
Linda's Valentine's morning 50 years apart, but have her husband and the romance survived? by EMJ Clayton

Being Someone Brave

Sunray needs to summon the courage to kiss her Valentine's date, but she's far too nervous. She decides to be braver, more heroic - and a different person entirely... by Mark Juddery

The Date

An elderly woman performs her Valentine's Day ritual... By Erin Golding

Love Undead

Zombie Zack meets Zombie Zoe and gets more than he bargained for... by Unn Hojgaard a` Lao`

Too Old, Two Loved
A little girl comes to understand love through observation of her sleeping grandparents... by Sinead Lau

De Profundis

An old man employs a fit youth to carry out his grand plans... by Susan Bodnar


A married screenwriter's struggle to put together a valentine's love story... by Christina Georgiou