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A Romantic Evening
A woman celebrates Valentine’s Night with her partner  –  but things are not as they seem. by Julia Howe

The Card 

With only a card, Jack finds a way to the most important girl in his life how he feels by Rebecca Eveleigh

One More Day

A five year old helps her mother cope with loneliness on Valentine's Day by André Lang

Bare Faced in the Park

Middle aged, single woman employs novel approach toget her Valentine’s day desire by John Sutton

Tainted Love 

On Valentine’s Day, the pain of a teen aged daughter’s unrequited love is reflected by her mother’s yearning for the love she lost by Ray North

A Final Goodbye

Two teenage lovers say goodbye to a zombie-filled world by Fredrick Ochami


A small girl's kindness heals her grandmother's aching heart on Valentine's Day by David M Troop

Kiss and Miss 

A man decides to propose on Valentine's day, but when his girlfriend reveals her true character he must decide whether he wants to spent the rest of his life with her by Robert Blaise Hesselgren

The Walk to Goodbye 

An elderly man comes seeking a Valentine's Day card for his wife and recounts to the young shop assistant the tale of how they met by Lisa Barrass

Valentine's Day 

A postman with a crush delivers a card from his rival, and gets a surprising reaction by Marie O'Regan


A visitation from a long-dead saint forces a grieving widower to make a fatal choice between truth and love by Iain Coleman

Hookers Night Shift 

A New York prostitute gives a personal interview about life on the streets, Valentine's Day and one "shift" that changed her forever by Matt Lee

Tube X

Love Down The Tube by Peter Hyson


An unwelcome visitor turns up on Valentines Night...by Matt Lavender

The Proposal 

After a lovely Valentine's dinner, Ben gets down on one knee and proposes to Laura. But things don't go quite to plan by Katy Segrove

Lost and Found 

A clown searches desperately for something lost in the rainy city by Peter Devonald

The Martyr's Dawn

A tormented mother waits for the return of her lost son by Rachel Paterson

Super Supper

Sometimes dinner with a super hero can be super awkward by Matt Fishwick

A Real Little Boy

When a kiss messes around with a wooden boy's growth spurt by Kokovi KUHN

Love is Unexpected

When Emma's mum forces her to go speed dating, she is surprised by who she is unexpectedly drawn to by Samantha Marie Lister

Like Family

A teenager reflects on her relationship with the children she babysits as she prepares to leave for college by Katie Streit


A young boy desperately searches for ? by Jonathan Hopper

A Better Way

Emotional drama unfolds as Ben, with little to his name shows us that he does not need money and gifts to win the heart of the one he loves by James Kirk

A Bit of Lip

A lippy young man faces a park bench challenge by Sean Kelly

A Family Affair

A Romantic Evening.  But is it right? by Derek Parsons

Last Kiss

Standing on the edge of life or death will it be the last kiss? by Annie Donnelly

Afican Rose

Set in the colonial era a son from a white family falls in love with an African maid and in the process she falls in love with him at the expense of their standing in society by Carol Lwamba Kabanda

A Futile Kiss

In a nightmarish Orwellian future, where it is impossible to
evade conscription, the probability of love seems highly unlikely;
yet innate human temperament is impossible to lose by Hannah Crouch

The Bear and the Antelope Kiss

A young girl tries to restore balance in her home using herimagination and two plastic figurines by Garry Gallon. 

Eve's Kiss

The perfect relationship at a London Florist by James Faleauto

The New Housemates

A guy begins to find out things about his new housemate, thinking whether or not he made the right decision moving in with him by Sanjay Parekh 

The Special One

Not even a gorgeous girlfriend  and Valentine's Day could keep Danny awayfrom his beloved Chelsea's FA cup tie......... could they? by Dennis Hurleston

Thoughtful Kisses

 A new mother receives a special gift on Valentines Day by Chad W Brown. 

Suspended Service

An unexpected encounter on the tube leads to a moment's bliss, but no more by Edwin Flay

The Longest Kiss

A Valentines Day kissing competition gets heated by Chad W Brown

Fairy Princess

Love bridges the decades for two neglected souls by Gwyn Davie

First Sight 

A man. A woman. A pedestrian crossing. Can it really be love? by Michael Davies

 After Rose 

A recently widowed man who hasn't been alone on Valentine's Day in twenty years spends the evening with a street-wise call girl, who listens to his incredible love story with Rose by Todd Serlin

Valentines Man

An unexpected visitor makes an old woman's day! by Angela

Death Can Wait 

A depressed housewife finds a glimmer of hope in her loveless marriage when she stumbles upon her husband's secret by Mary Hahn

The Plant

On Valentine's Day, a widower struggles to revive a plant he's obsessed with by Karl Iglesias

Dirty Riffs & Neon Lights 

14 year old Robin will do almost anythingto impress a girl by Shauna Becker

Beyond the Sea

For some families Valentine's day is just another day by Shauna Becker

The Beginning of Chapter Two 

Gabi realises that not every guy is the same when 'that continuous habit' of being ditched every Valentines Day strikes again. This time, her complication becomes a new reality by Par Dhonsi

The Kiss

A scruffy, unkempt nare-do-well takes his dog for a walk and fantasizes about a beautiful woman at the dog-park by Daniel Ginsberg 

From Helmand Province With Love 

On Valentines Day in Afghanistan, a determined soldier desperately attempts to save a child's life risking his own safe return to his unknowing  young family by Scott Barrington

Taking Chances

Jamie may believe Suzy is not his type, but she is determined not to leave him alone until he gives her a chance by Elena Dapelo

The Lady in Red

A man with a perpetual smile buys gifts for his sweetie on Valentine's Day, but may be hiding something sinister...by Michael P Brennan


Eliza’s all-alone, her husband’s away at war, but a DVDwaits on her doorstep, with a message just for her. by Lucy Walsh


On national TV, a man proposes to an unprepared girl while on their first date by Rick Conti

I Take Care of Losers 

Little Indie is determined her mum will have a date on Valentine's Day. All she needs is a bag of chocolates and some good acting! by C C Wang