Room for Change by Tim Child

Boutique De Change - A story of transformation
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    Jacky (Tuesday, 21 August 2012 22:39)

    A delightful read, with subtely underplayed characters that give it just the right amount of intrigue and twist

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    Andre Lang (Monday, 13 August 2012 11:06)

    I'm sorry for my bad English.

    Interesting idea. I'm enjoyd the read.
    But ...
    The conflict could be deeper.
    How about ...

    Who is in the changing room? - She don't know it. They flirts from afar. She hears what he says:
    - Expensive? No matter! The main thing you like it.
    - You deserve the best. The dress should highlight your charming figure.
    - I'm not in a hurry (looks at his watch). Take as much time as you need.
    She likes this guy! And then... She takes a business card with her phone number and goes to him...
    And now she sees that there is a man in the changing room...
    The Young Man gets distracted for a moment... And when he turns to her again... She is not here! She ran away.
    Father: Something happen? You looks upset.
    Young Man: Nothing. it's all right, Dad.
    (Now we learn that he is his father)

    Excuse me for my attempt. I do not think that's necessarily good.