Glasnost by Jamie Crichton

A painfully shy teenager must overcome his fear of humiliation to ask out a waitress in a love story that spans decades and ends with a twist.
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    Tall Paul (Sunday, 24 February 2013 03:58)

    Has anyone shot Glastnost yet? I thought it was a pretty good read. From an Indie film standpoint there's a few problems in terms of securing a suitable location and doing the two different set dressings required, i.e., you'd have to have a wide of the before and after of the diner, and period clothing, etc. Perhaps that could be addressed by changing the location to something more amenable (less expensive to dress). Anyway, I do potentially have interest in shooting the short if you're interested in working with me on script edits, but your email is invalid in the script!
    pt edits?

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    jamie crichton (Thursday, 23 May 2013 14:51)

    Hi Paul,

    Sorry for the slow response, and apologies too for the obsolete email address! If you are still interested, you can reach me on jamieinlondon at gmail dot com.

    Many thanks,