Closeout by Vandana Natu

Renunciation of another kind. Hurry, it's a Closeout!
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    Vandana Natu (Tuesday, 11 September 2012 06:14)

    Yes the whole 'Valentine's Day' theme has been kept subtle. Even in the choice of visitors, deliberately avoided married or lovey-dovey couples. Have tried to build the contrast in terms of what the day means to both of them.

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    BD Geldart (Saturday, 11 August 2012 09:40)

    An interesting twist at the end with good momentum building to the climax. One note though is that I wouldn't know this was on Valwntines day. Perhaps there could also have been more of a subtle set-up with her looking at her phone with no messages on it at the beginning.

    A fun read though.