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Swap, Need, Got

A Valentine's Night burglary is not all it seems by Matt Arnold

A Little Gesture

An elderly couple share a trip to the supermarket on valentines day but have different ideas about how to mark the occasion by Ben Marshall

The Special One

Not even a gorgeous girlfriend  and Valentine's Day could keep Danny away from his beloved Chelsea's FA cup tie......... could they? by Dennis Hurleston

A Love Unrivalled

A Drug Dealer recieves an unexpected call from the love of
his life, only to find her motives darker than anticipated by Carly Godfrey-Bridger

Favourite Work of Art

A Korean lady is upset because her boyfriend is thousands of miles away on Valentine's Day. She is surprised to discover he has left her a string of clues in an art gallery for her to find him by Simeon Lumgair

When Death Met Cupid

On a blind date Death and Cupid accidentally swap their bow and arrow sets, leading to an unexpected role reversal by Claire Yeowart

You'll Never Forget Your First Kiss

Your first kiss is something you'll remember?? by Craig Miles

For A Kiss

The Story of a girl feeling alone on Valentine's night and who frantically wants someone to kiss her...only to kiss her by Quraishiyah Durbarry

In Years Gone By

Youthful kisses in the street waken memories of romance years ago by Chip Tolson

Toe Story

Dorothy dances across the decades, with a throbbing toe that always reminds her of Valentine's Day by Mark Wilson

Finding Love

Questioning what it means to love by Laura Clare

Valentine's Kiss

A heart-warming love story between a man and a cadaver by Phill Escott

No Matter What

As Valentine's Day interactions play out all around her, Clare's love is not the fickle kind by Alison Earls

Dream Boy

Izzy's perfect boyfriend is not all that he seems by Heather Hampson


Renunciation of another kind. Hurry, it's a Closeout by Vandana Natu

Making Time

Brian's girlfriend is taking the train and is leaving for good. He never made enough time for her. Today he has a chance to prove that he can change, even if everything is going against him by Sean Breathnach


A girl waiting for her boyfriend to turn up, learns that the best kisses are unexpected by Henrietta Hardy

The Price of Romance

A checkout girl's kiss brings a supermarket scanner to life by Rachel McAdam


A lone diner on Valentine’s night has one aim - to find true love by Alexandra Owen

Last Date

Teenager Casper seems as if he is breaking up with his distraught girlfriend Lucy, but really he just understands that today is the end of the world by Sam Odlum and Kate Brabant

A Proposed Proposal

After experiencing an extremely romantic Valentines Day down by an isolated lakeside, a young girl eagerly awaits her Valentines Day gift from her sweetheart with a decidedly negative result...by Jasper Goodheart

A Professional Love

A badass bounty hunter on the verge of collecting a fortune falls hopelessly in love with his captive, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy by Jonathan Gill

Telepathic Lovers

Seperated by space and time, two soulmates who have never met before
only communicate with their minds by Benjamin Nkomo

For Want of a Kiss

She will do anything to be kissed by him again by Julie Hoult


A movie fan encounters his idol by Mac McSharry

Big Day

Mike has been planning for this day a long time; but can he impress, and get that all important yes by Karen Cripps

The Fall

Does she even know that she has betrayed him? by Benet Brandreth

The Sin

A priest cycles to another church and enters the confession booth, unaware of who is on the other side. The object of the priest's desire is soon revealed...by Eddy Olivia


A kiss for every year they had waited by Hannah Raehse-Felstead


Two criminals share quality time together on Valentine's Day, sealed with a loving kiss by Guy Fee

Exhibit A

A pickpocket gets more than he bargained for when he decides to steal a kiss By Laura Windley

Wink Drink Love

When I was a kid I used to think; why do people always wink? by Ashaur Rahman

Balloon Man

A failing street performer learns the true merits of rivalry, as all is never fair in love, magicians and war by Andrew Daley

Motherly Love

A mother that will do absolutely anything to ensure her child's survival by Aggelos Kyritsis

St Valentine and the Space Dragons

Determined to reveal the truth, a woman sacrifices everything by Anthony Etherington


A boy with Asperger's anticipates his first kiss by Sally Brockway

Something Fishy

Rejected and ridiculed at the chocolate shop, a misfit savoury truffle decides to run away when he gets a steamy surprise from the beautiful Pink Champagne by Kosha Engler

The Price of Love

A story about the hidden cost of having dramatic, romantic reconciliations by Eddie Robson


A man who loved with every atom of his being wrestles with the force nature and its ghostly aftermath by Sheila McGill


Temptation and double cross come sealed with a kiss...by Gareth Turpie

Sizzling Valentine

Pre cook a romantic meal. Stir in one cheating husband. Crack open a heartbroken wife. Season with vengeful desires - then bring to the boil!! by Laura Land

Burner Phone

Esther has two phones, and very different plans for two men on Valentine's night by Simon Underwood

From a Distance

Mark is away from home, and from his wife Dana, on Valentine's night. Might he be able to send his love from a distance? by Sullivan Le Postec

Dance me to the End of Love

Can fidelity be tested on the dancefloor in your 80's? by Gina Waggott

Real Kisses

Long lost love by Jeanne Valentine

Blind Luck

Two jilted lovers are frustratingly close to healing each other's broken heart. by Marque Pierre Sondergaard

Return to Napa Nui

A professor researching the age-old mysteries of the Easter Island statues is rocked by an astounding discovery of ancient love by Michael Bierman


A day which seems like any other but only Aaron knows he's about to meet, talk to and kiss the only woman he has ever loved for the very last time but why? by Hari Haran Narendran

Room for Change

Boutique De Change - A story of transformation by Tim Child

A Taste of Love

12 bell tolls, 3 frogs, 1 Princess. Before the bell tolls twelve times, a Princess must choose between three frogs by placing a one kiss on its lips for the perferct Valentines night by Andrew Wright

A painfully shy teenager must overcome his fear of humiliation to ask out a waitress in a love story that spans decades and ends with a twist. by Jamie Crichton