Music Challenge


The music challenge has now ended, but below are the rules that the entries had to follow.



Music Challenge Rules

1. You must be the rights holder – winners will be asked to supply all relevant contracts.

2. Remember there are three sets of rights that must be cleared – composition rights, performance rights and recording rights. All must be cleared before entering the process.

3. Artists or bands can submit up to two tracks to the process.

4. Songs should be uploaded in high bit rate MP3. Winners will be asked to supply uncompressed tracks.

5. Songs must be accompanied by an image that is 250x250 pixels to embed into the player should it be shortlisted – this can be original art or a photo of the group, band or artist.

6. The deadline for submission is January 15th 2013

7. By entering the process, you agree to your tracks to being shared on our website(s) to promote 50 Kisses

8. Should you be selected for inclusion in 50 Kisses, you agree to assign all required rights, in perpetuity, to the production so you songs may be included in the final movie.

9. Should you be selected for inclusion in 50 Kisses, rights holders, composers and performers will be credited accordingly.

10. All rights assigned will be non exclusive – you will continue maintain control over your music.

11. Please credit the composer and performer(s). Please supply these details in your transfer - 'written by XXXX' and performed by 'XXXX'.

12. Failure to abide by these rules means that your music will not be considered.

13. Submit a high bit rate MP3 (320k) file via email to - and remember we need to know who to credit and add a photo / artwork. Failure to do so will mean you will NOT be considered.

14. Tracks can be instrumental.

15. After submitting, we will shortlist the songs for our judges and upload to our website.


Please make sure you supply everything we need - we will NOT chase you for these elemets should you fail to send them.