'50 Kisses' The Top 100!

We have a shortlist... The final 100! Congratulations if you made it to the 50 Kisses Top 100!

60 Year Valentine by Marc Lockier
A Full Blown Affair by Terry Langdale
A Ghetto Punk Romance by LG Morgan
A Glasgow Kiss by Larry Diamond
A Kiss Goodbye by Tina Lowe
A pair of blue eyes by Sarah Deane
A Test by Simon Guerrier
Across the great divide by Frank Arnot & Alyson Conway
Advice by Ross Aitken
Almost by Tiarnan O'Sullivan
Aunties Wet Kiss by Christopher Smith
Beryl by Sarah Page
Blowing Kisses by Magz Wiseman
Boxes by Rhys Howell
Broken Plastic by Patrick Seymour
Chocolates for Nan by Dominic Brancaleone
Close Encounters by Phil Berard
Closeout by Vandana Natu
Cloudy Days by Louise McCooey
Colton's Big Night by Nathan Gower
Coma by Ian Lawton
Countdown by Oliver Drew
Damsel by Scott Payne
Death Can Wait by Mary Hahn
DÉSIRÉ by J Sicora
DNR by Louise Sanderson
Don't by Arron Ferguson
Dream Date by Anne-Marie Draycott & Charity Trimm
Duck Pond by Will Goodfellow
Enough by Kirsty McConnell
Everlasting Love by Pen Avey
Feed Dating by Ben Barczak
First, Last, Best by Jennifer Leigh Allen
First/Last by Stephen O'Brien
Glasnost by Jamie Crichton
Gotcha by Alexandra Owen
Her…and Him by Chris Mueller
I'll stand by You by Emily Salter
In the Garden by Sara Gonzalez
Jealous Making by K Satchwell
KISS by Gareth Michael Turpie
Kiss and Miss by Robert Blaise Hesselgren
Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me by Richard P wheildon
Kisses from Jessica by Jess Smith
Last Chance by Nick Grills
Lonely Heart by Mark Jones
Love by Rob Burke
Love Hurts by Dean Lines and Ray Bogdanivich
Love is Chemistry by Graham Comrie
Love Letters by Sue Whitting
Love, once removed by Alex Straker
Lunchtime by Phil Charles
Man in the Heart by William Dare
Midnight Screening by Anne Burgot
Moments by Chris Gillespie
Motherly Love by Craig Robinson
My 46th Card by William McGeough
Neil by Nigel Karikari
Never Forget by Peter Carruthers
Never Kisses by Chris Smith
Not That Guy by Thorsten Hagemann
Nothing Ventured by Nina Haerland
On thy Cheeks a Fading Rose by Andrew Turvil
One (distinctly average) Date Later... by John Thornton
One last wish by Matthew Redmond
Other Peoples Kisses by Gabriella Apicella
Pavlina by Dana Pierre
People Get Lonely by LS Low
Perfectly Painted by Milenthia Thomas
Poster Boy by Tracey Flynn
Practice Makes Perfect by Mark Pallis
Precognition by BD Geldart
Priceless by Vanessa Yardley
Proof of Love by Jesco Puluj
Red Light by Ryan La Via
Romantic Hideaway by Kulvinder Gill
Sealed with a Kiss by Darren Rapier
She Swallows by Dave Herman
Sheila and Daniel? by Teri Lynn Brown
Sloppy Snogs by Honour Flaherty
Smasheroo by James Howard
Spartacus by Si Spencer
SWALK by Mac McSharry
Taking Chances by Elena Dapelo
That Good Night by Kenneth J Lemm
The Bench by Kevin Buckland
The Cyclist by David Griffith
The Great Kiss Heist by Nathanael Bauer
The Last Supper by Richard Green
The Martyrs Dawn by Rachel Paterson
The Moderna Artist by Henry Fosdike
The Moment by Stephen Cooper
The Nearness of you by Sam Heydon
The Price of Romance by Rachel MCAdam
The Proposal by Katy Segrove
Tied Up by Christopher D Bacon
Unbearable by Nick Luddington
Valentine's Day Mascara by Jez Freedman
Waiting for Cocoa by Adam Frith
You never bring me flowers by Jo Buckman