Can you write us a blog entry for the official 50 Kisses site? Where has 50 Kisses taken you?

The Premiere to 50 Kisses is less than a month away.


Over the past few weeks on Twitter and Facebook, we have been showcasing individuals and their journeys to date and we want to hear more – more from writers, filmmakers, songwriters, heck even cast and crew. We want to know what your 50 Kisses journey has been like and where it has taken you.

Can you write us a blog entry for the official site, with a photo?


For some, 50 Kisses inspired them to make their first short film and they have taken that film to festivals around the world producing a big effect on their network, credibility and future projects. For others, they have found the collaborators of their dreams. Others still, are developing their film into a feature.


What about you?


Even if you have been in touch before, get in touch again.


Any publicity is good publicity right? We want to feature blog posts of around 300-600 words, with a photo if you have one, about where 50 Kisses has taken you?


Send your blog post, and photo, to (and remember to add your name at the bottom and your links if you have any, and remember to give it a title too).


We look forward to hearing from you.  


Chris Jones

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