Join the writers, filmmakers and actors of '50 Kisses' for the world premiere and walk the red carpet!

Where: The Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Road, London E1
When: Thursday Feb 13th
How Much: £19.99 (includes a 50 Kisses cinema poster for your office!)
Dress Code: Posh frocks and dickie bows, we will have a red carpet.


Order of business


7:00pm Arrive at the cinema to walk the red carpet and enjoy pre screening drinks with the cast, crews and writers of '50 Kisses'.
Get your photo taken on the red carpet with your team or family by our professional photographers (shared freely on Flickr)
Collect your 50 Kisses cinema poster
7:45pm Attend the 50 Kisses Awards Ceremony
8:45pm Film premiere
10:15pm After party


Directions HERE



We have planned an amazing celebratory evening with awards, drinks, glam, glitz and of course, screenwriters and filmmakers! We REALLY hope you can join us.


We need you to take action and get your tickets ASAP too as unless we sell 300 tickets, we get bumped down to the small screen, and we REALLY want the big screen for the awards and the film. So please don’t leave getting your ticket to the last week.




How Much?
Yes tickets are £20. We will be 100% transparent with the numbers - we do not expect, nor have ever expected, to make money from ‘50 Kisses’. It has always been about championing new writers and getting their work produced.


So for example, of that £20 ticket the government takes 20% (VAT), and the venue takes 50% of the remainder. Distributor David Wilkinson has generously waived any fees so that we can get closer to break even.


From ticket sales we will need to cover all costs such as BBFC (£800), DCP production (£600), posters (£1,500 for print and design), not to mention the mountain of smaller costs…



More to come
We have loads of other announcements and 50 Kisses related news to share, but for now, make the commitment and head over to the site to buy your tickets – cast, crew, friends, family… EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

And we promise and evening you will never forget!


Can’t make it as it is too far?

In the next few days we will be in touch about you hosting your own screening on February 14th (or after) – we will get you posters, a DCP / QT / BluRay so that you can host a premiere in YOUR country.

See you at the premiere!


Chris Jones

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  • #1

    Marc Lockier (Tuesday, 14 January 2014 22:33)

    Such a shame I can't afford it, would have loved to attented my first feature film premire, maybe next time.

  • #2

    50kisses (Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:46)

    Yes we would love to make it free, but it will cost around £5,000 and that means everyone has to chip in a bit. This is the only way we can make it happen.

  • #3

    Marc Lockier (Wednesday, 15 January 2014 20:37)

    I fully understand why you doing, I have no grieviences over it. We did at uni, we had a showcase at the local cinema for all of our third year films and we had to buy the tickets. If I lived in London or closer then it wouldn't be a problem. Hopefully you get a packed house.

  • #4

    Anon (Thursday, 16 January 2014 00:18)

    Are the pre screening drinks included in the cost of the ticket?

  • #5

    50kisses (Friday, 07 February 2014 10:15)

    No drinks are not free