Save the date! The World Premiere of 50 Kisses will be February 13th 2014

The 50 Kisses team just spent theday working out all of the logistics for getting the final movie out there in 2014.


So save the date for a swanky London Premiere on February 13th 2014 – posh frocks and dickie bows! February 13th will also be the night of the 50 Kisses Awards.

Expect regular updates between now and then about what’s happening and how we NEED YOU to get involved to make this an extraordinary event.


Almost every film is featured in the final movie with just under thirty being included in their entirety. We will be locking the edit next week after which we will announce the films that will included in their entirety.


Even if your film is only included in part, we really, really, REALLY need you remain as an important part of the process. This is a rare chance for us all to be a part of something fabulous, to learn loads about filmmaking, screenwriting, to network like crazy and to enjoy the rewards of all our collective hard work.


Bravo to us all and remember, save the date! February 13th 2014.


We will be in touch soon!


Chris Jones


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    Luke Perez (Thursday, 12 December 2013 20:59)

    Which Theater are we using? Do we purchase tickets for the event?

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    Mark Williams (Friday, 13 December 2013 10:22)

    Great news, and it was really good to revisit some of the films again and see them (almost) with fresh eyes.

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    Marc Lockier (Saturday, 14 December 2013 21:38)

    Nice to know the date, just need to know the venue and time, sooner the better really as can arrange travel plans and maybe hotel arrangement etc if needed

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    Rob Burke (Wednesday, 18 December 2013 05:33)


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    50kisses (Thursday, 19 December 2013 13:58)

    Details will follow shortly, hopefully before Xmas

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    Devon Avery (Monday, 06 January 2014 19:46)

    Still no news? Five weeks until the event. Booking flights and hotels is already becoming difficult and more expensive. We need details. The venue, the cost, the awards. Who is actually in the 29? All of these things are important to know when deciding whether to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to London in the middle of winter. Some of us have to book time off from our day jobs too.
    Many promises were made to all of us filmmakers that invested time and money in making films for this project. Many of these promises have been broken, some of them understandably so, considering the nature of the project and the documented difficulty in pulling the final movie together. However it is becoming difficult to accept that almost two years have past and we still do not know which films have made the cut and which films and artists have won awards. I have lost count as to how many times we have been given dates that will finally reveal to us what we need to know, only for those dates to pass by, again and again. The way we are being treated is increasingly unprofessional and unfair. I just ask that we are treated with more consideration and respect, and that we are finally given the information that we need, and deserve.