Creating the 50 Kisses end title sequence

Over the last few days, our fabulous editor Ricky has been wading through what feels like a zillion credits, and has spend days building and rendering in After Effects in order to create the end title sequence for 50 Kisses. To be clear, every one of the winning 50 screenwriters is credited, and every film team that entered a film (and made sure we had their full credits list when we asked for it) will be credited and featured in then end roller.

The red boxes you see is the picture is where each film will get a snippet played. And yes, it’s a CRAZY long credit list, but it really gets over the spirit of the project.


Getting closer…


Love Team 50 Kisses x

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    Andrew T. Wright (Tuesday, 21 May 2013 21:16)

    Good job guys. Looks pretty damn slick.

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    Fabiano (Wednesday, 22 May 2013 20:03)

    That's pretty cool! Well done guys! Does every members of each team (editor, composer, director,actors...) will also be credited on IMDB?