50 Kisses - Where are we now?

So, we’ve been quiet. You cannot fail to notice this.

Truth be told we grossly underestimated how much time and effort the post production and tie up process would take for 50 Kisses. Why? Well, for one we have a team of volunteers and are dependent on when they can and can’t come into the office to help us finish the project. And for two, there has just been so much data to pull in and edit that it has been difficult to stick to even our rough schedule.

This hasn’t been helped by some filmmakers not getting their film to us, but its all good learning for the future. And believe me, next time we do this – there are going to be hard and fast deadlines and no quibble cut offs!


The good news is we are ready to start ramping things back up and will be releasing a promo video in the next couple of weeks.


We wanted to come to you guys with a timescales for the next few months – hopefully this will help all the 50 Kissers understand the process going forward, and when things are due.

  1. Promo released – May 2013
  2. Film and Filmmaker Awards Nominees Announced – May 2013
  3. Film and Filmmaker Awards Winners Announced – June 2013
  4. Announcement on what films have made the final film – June 2013

Remember in December we discussed the routes open to us to create the 50 Kisses film given that not all scripts were filmed and some of those that were, if they were included, would stop distributors from considering the project serious. You can read the debate on this HERE 

  5. Premiere Date announced/Tickets on Sale – June 2013
  6. Premiere and release date - TBC

We expect that the film will be release in the summer. Post Production wise we are almost at picture lock. We need a sound designer to come in and help on some parts of the film, a colourist/grader to help us make sure the film looks good and finally we need to work on those end titles. If you live in London and can help with this then get in touch.


There is still a long road ahead. But we WILL get there.


Thank you so much for your involvement so far and continued patience as we try to get to the end of the process. Most of all, Kudos to the filmmakers around the world who have already entered their films into festival and have had good news, Team 50 Kisses is spreading round the globe as we speak in festivals, in competitions and online.


We’ll be back in touch shortly about the promo, but in the meantime do let us know if you have any good news about your film to share.


Team 50 Kisses

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    Ken Lemm (Thursday, 02 May 2013 17:43)

    Wow! Thanks for the exciting update. I'm sure the rest of the writers and film makers like me have been waiting to hear this news. Congratulations on what I am certain was a daunting task!

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    Tracey Flynn (Thursday, 02 May 2013 18:49)

    I'm constantly impressed with how much work, time and energy is being put in to 50 Kisses. It's a testament to how much passion there is for the project. Excited to see the promo! x

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    Devon Avery (Saturday, 22 June 2013 07:10)

    I love the promo. Just wondered, as we enter the final third of June, if there is any further news concerning bullet points 2-5 above?