Larry Diamond on Writing “A Glasgow Kiss”

I've delayed responding to the invitation to contribute to the blog in the forlorn hope that the filmmaker's submission would be made. I was always concerned as to where the filmmaker would find two "Glaswegians" in Los Angeles! The only E-mail, from the filmmaker, enquiring if the "Bar" as described could be an "Irish Bar" I pointed out that the characters would be unlikely to find an "Irish Bar", with a working class clientele, intimidating.

The story is about alienation, insecurity and friendship.

These are common elements that could be equally applicable to e.g. Geordies or Scousers. Indeed any working class young men where their "street" vernacular and working clothes would immediately create a tension in a Bar populated with a well dressed, cultured speaking, clientele. The use of the "head butt" in common British parlance, a "Glasgow Kiss", suited the terms of the entry but it was not a scenario necessarily confined to Glaswegians.

I suggested to the filmmaker that they could then alter the protagonists to meet their location either two young men from i.e. the Bronx or Spanish/Mexican stumbling into a Bar populated by a Manhattan or upper West Side crowd.

There was no response to the E-mails which was disappointing as, had they intimated their intention to withdraw, it may have been possible to secure another filmmaker to the project.
However, irrespective of all this the participation and selection of the script as one of the 50 has been greatly encouraging. I cannot control what others chose to do or not do. I can only control what I do. My aim is to write as best I can and hopefully, continue to improve as a writer. Perhaps all of this is an early realisation that, even when accepted, not all scripts will hit a screen but disappear into a "development hell"
Unfortunately, despite being greatly impressed by all the enthusiasm, positivity and professionalism of the LSF team, circumstances prevent my attendance, this year, at the LSF event.

I will definitely ensure attendance at next years event.


Larry Diamond


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    Nathan Gower (Wednesday, 14 November 2012 15:39)

    Thanks for sharing your blog, Larry. I'm quite disappointed for you and for the other scriptwriters who weren't able to see productions made. Still, many congratulations on your winning script, and I sincerely hope that a filmmaker will want to give it a go outside of the parameters of the competition.

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    Dan Price (Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:03)

    So what's happening with these scripts? By my count, we've only got 43 Kisses so far.

    Is the plan to abandon the 7 unfilmed scripts and give the other entries more running time (Approx 20 seconds each)?

    That smells like failure! We've got so many talented (and prolific) teams, I'm sure the community can crank out 7 shorts by the end of the year.

    It seems needlessly harsh to have screenwriters enter and win the screenwriting competition and then not get the prize everyone else got of being in the final film.

    I'd be up for making one.