The Filmmakers Challenge – 50 Kisses Films Go Public

NOTE - More films are being added daily, along with producers notes

We have had almost 150 films submitted for the 50 Kisses Filmmaker Challenge. Wow. Teams from around the world have come together to create something extraordinary and we want to make it even better. We have invited Filmmakers to put their film online at and allow the 50 Kisses community to see their film, and comment on it.

They can then re-edit their film, based on the comments and resubmit to us by 30th Nov for the final judging.


Why are we doing this?

  1. We want to give Filmmakers the same opportunity for feedback from the 50 Kisses community that the writers got.
  2. It gives Filmmakers an extra month to perfect their film and re-edit it on the basis of the producers notes and the community comments, again, much like the writers process. Not every film is perfect straight out the editing suite and we want to give filmmakers the opportunity to learn in the same way writers did.
  3. We want 50 Kisses to be a live lab where people from around the world can see the evolution of the script and the film!
  4. Most important, we want the best film possible for release on Feb 14th. We remain committed to our real boss, the audience (and broadcasters who may want to buy the film). Some very tough choices lie ahead for us all.

We have made this decision based on a number of factors. The first and most important is that the films submitted are simply too long.


The “wisdom” is that two pages of script equate to two pages of screen time and this is what we banked on when promoting this competition. 50 films of 2 minutes would be a 100 minute feature film. We know many will go over 2 minutes, but we have entries that are eight, ten, even twelve minutes long. Do the maths, we could end up with a day long movie!


We have made this online upload an opt in process rather than a must do.

We do understand that showing your work in this arena does take courage, as the writers found out. For those worried about negating their film for any festival run, remember – given the producers notes and crowd comments are acted on - this won’t be the final cut of the film.


We’ve learned loads in this process and we hope that by showing the films to the crowd the filmmakers will too. We have already uploaded a number of films to the site and would urge you to go and watch them.


Team 50 Kisses


PS If you are a 50 Kisses filmmaker and want your film included on the site for feedback. Here is how you do it.


What to do next?
* Upload your film to your Vimeo account (it's free to setup if you don’t have one)
* Set the film to public.
Then send us an email with…
* The URL of the film on Vimeo
* Your team name
* The name of the script you filmed
* A one line description of your team (Where you a from, what you are called, who are the main players, what was it shot on etc.) just to give it some context.
* A screengrab of the film (JPG format) that is 150x150 pixels
* If you have had a blog already published on the site, let us know so we can link the two pages.

Please send these details as soon as you can to

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    Anne Hamilton (Monday, 05 November 2012 08:55)

    Not 'in the business' but I know one of the actors you used. Just a layman's point of view....
    Very funny. A couple of points: 1. The 'Hot Zombie' has no blood around her mouth after 'biting' the heart. 2. It's not clear what the girl zombie is giving the lead. Is it a piece of her heart? - looks like a piece of rib. 3. The writing on the Valentine card needs to be bigger. Zombie groans/sound FX would help too (cliched, but it works!) Apologies for the anorak comments. Hope you do well. :D